WeWork Taipei COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Response

We are taking the necessary precautionary measures for COVID-19 in the workplace to prioritize the health and safety of all members and employees in our spaces. As you plan for the future at work, our stringent health and safety guidelines in the office are here to help you add more safety, flexibility, and focus to your workplace strategy.


WeWork Taipei COVID-19 policy – our commitment to health and safety


The health and safety of our members and global communities are our number one priority. That is why we continue to take steps to enhance our spaces and services—ensuring that you can continue working with peace of mind.

We remain in regular contact with our employees, members, and landlords regarding our health and safety measures. From increased sanitization to spaces modified for social distancing, we have enhanced our health and safety standards for your well-being.

Increased sanitization

We are disinfecting common areas more frequently and are providing complimentary sanitization products in our spaces.

Prioritizing personal space

By modifying shared spaces with staggered seating and buffer zones indicated by floor vinyls and tabletop vinyls, teams at WeWork can ensure social distancing in the workplace.

Behavioral signage

New cleaning standards and capacity protocols are being reinforced with strategically-placed signage in different languages.

Reporting a COVID-19 case

If you or an employee has a confirmed case of COVID-19 in your space, please contact your local Community Team immediately. You can find their email on your WeWork Taiwan (WeWork TW) app in the building guide. We ask that individuals with a confirmed case of COVID-19 do not return to their WeWork location until they have met local government criteria for returning to work.


Note: WeWork Covid-19 safety measures may vary by country and city. We will monitor local regulations and adapt our local policies and practices as necessary.