What is hot-desking and what are the benefits?

What is hot-desking and what are the benefits?

The rise of remote work, open office plans, and shared coworking spaces have made hot-desking a popular choice for the modern working employee. It’s a great option because it allows people to work when and where they want—making it perfect for freelancers and established companies who want to stay productive and connected, wherever their work takes them. Flexible solutions like WeWork All Access offer easy access to hot desks. Hot-desking advantages range from convenience and flexible work solutions to networking opportunities and increased innovation and creativity. But how does it work, and is it right for your company?

What is hot-desking?

Hot desking is an organizational workspace system where desks are used by different people at different times on an ad hoc, per-need basis. The aim is to offer flexible work solutions by maximizing space efficiency and lessening real estate risk by reducing redundant office space. Hot desks can be implemented in private offices as well as coworking spaces. The flexibility associated with hot-desking often correlates to increased employee innovation, while the social aspect encourages cross-disciplinary collaboration and networking opportunities. 

How does hot-desking work?

Having a flexible desk model allows professionals to work as needed, in both private and shared office spaces. With hot desking, people no longer have designated workspaces, so instead, they sit at a different desk each day. This can free up space and cut costs. It can also stop cliques from forming, and may encourage creativity, collaboration and networking.

Hot desks typically come with their own power outlets and WiFi connection. In shared coworking spaces like WeWork, there are dedicated spaces away from the desk for taking calls, such as phone booths or shared lounges. In private office environments, particularly in sales companies, a permanent phone is likely attached to the desk for different employees to use as needed. 

The advantages of hot-desking

Hot desking offers some clear benefits such as increased flexibility, reducing unused space and costs, as well as providing collaborative opportunities that can give rise to more innovation.


Studies have found that some 40% of office space remains vacant at any one time. Hot-desking, whereby office workers aren’t assigned a desk but take an unoccupied one, if, and when, they need it, has been shown to reduce the costs of running an office by as much as 30%.

Increased connection & innovation

Whether in a private office or a wider coworking space, hot-desking brings people together from different teams, industries, or companies—creating a diverse melting pot of professionals with varying knowledge and skill sets. This connection often leads to fresh opportunities, in which new clients, investors, partners, or employees are gained through hot-desking introductions. 

Research into co-working spaces has shown a positive interrelation between collaboration and innovation, indicating that coworkers are able to improve their innovative capabilities by making use of strategic partnerships in coworking spaces and flexible working solutions.

With hot desking, you can tap into different pools of talent at once. To illustrate, with WeWork’s first Taiwan location in Xinyi District, Taipei, your remote workforce is guaranteed access to comfortable and well-equipped workspaces. In addition, your employees will be able to work with other entrepreneurs, freelancers, and employees from various companies.

An effective solution for freelancers

If you’re a freelancer or entrepreneur working at the exact location, hot-desking is a flexible, cost-effective solution to finding office space—without the commitment or rigidity of long-term office leases. It helps combat the isolation of working from home and surrounds you with a network of professionals who are also working remotely or freelancing for themselves. 

More flexible working solutions

WeWork has devised a number of flexible working solutions with access to hot desks, as well as other workspaces like meeting rooms and private offices, to meet the growing needs of companies and their remote working models. Worker safety remains a priority so WeWork continues to prioritize the safety of our community with enhanced cleaning measures and reimagined spaces for effective workplace distancing.

If hot-desking is right for you and your company, the following WeWork product may be a perfect fit for your WeWork access, for multiple uses across different regions:

WeWork All Access

WeWork All Access unlocks access to hot desks, conference rooms, and private offices in 80+ locations in major business districts across Greater China and Taiwan. You can purchase a greater China pass just for China, a pass only for Taiwan, or a pass that covers both, with flexible membership plans to suit your needs. It is easy to get started using the WeWork app (Google Play/App Store)—simply choose your preferred location, book ahead, and then get working!

Rethinking your workspace? WeWork can help you find a solution that best fits your needs.

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